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Garden Cookbook

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Humans have survived on over 4000 species of flora and fauna since we have existed on this planet.  Our current food system has us limited to 30, all monoculture-farmed and highly processed.
We can change this world overnight.  The solution comes in a simple but defiant act.  To consume ethically, support local economies, and learn how to grow, cook, and preserve food.
Even if you live in an apartment, one well-planted pot is both low maintenance and pure joy when you harvest some greens and flavourings or make a lovely homemade herb tea from your garden.

Face Art Book

The Face Paint Shop, Australia's largest online face painting marketplace, is now the exclusive retailer of the world's most comprehensive face and body painting book.

Please click on the Buy here or the Face Paint Shop logo and follow the link for Face Art book and all your painting supplies.

See previous editions below.

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Australian artist Chantal the Fairy has created the world's most comprehensive and affordable face-painting book.  Now in its 8th edition.  This guide is for anyone with limited or no skills, with pages of photos, quick and easy references for beginners and short, readable chapters.  It covers materials and techniques on 30-second designs, folk art, age regression, abstract designs, body jewellery, brushwork, split cakes, one stroke, bling clusters and heaps of hints and inspiration all in one A5 48 paged book.

The Social Value of Face Painting

Face painting is unlike any other art form.  It physically touches another person and gains the closeness and trust of another human being, if only for a moment.  In that time, the outcomes and possibilities are endless.

Face painting is a wonderful way of enchanting a child.  It stimulates their imagination and helps them to step into the realms of make-believe.  Older children feel accomplished as they pick up a paintbrush and learn to create their own designs.  In my years of experience working with children, even children with learning and behavioural difficulties, I have been amazed at the effect of this 'social art form' experience on children.  I call this reward-based behavioural management.  A gateway is opened when the task is achievable and success is guaranteed.  It is the magic that motivates a child to make positive choices to behave one way or the other, depending on their desired outcomes.

Chantal the Fairy

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