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Chantal the Fairy performed with her son, Mr HR Pump 'n' Stuff for over 10 years.

Internationally renowned Australian artist Chantal the Fairy was Darwin's most popular and diverse children's storyteller and entertainer for over 25 years.  Accredited with the development and growth of the children's entertainment industry in Darwin, she was nominated for a citizenship award in 2000 and businesswoman of the year in 2005.  Her engaging vaudevillian-style shows have toured and entertained children and adults from Miami in America to Wadeye in the remote outback of Australia's Northern Territory.  Chantal published her first book Face Art, in 1998 and has sold 80,000 copies worldwide.


Educational Programs

"Through face painting programs, Chantal has also successfully targeted social issues like bullying.  She believes, Painting on a piece of paper is one thing, but painting another human being, involving positive social contact where achievement is guaranteed, can be life-altering.  These programs have inspired international communities, which have based their programs on these ideas.  She has also created educational programs designed to tackle waste management, dog safety, numeracy and literacy in primary schools and has presented Technology shows to high schools throughout the Northern Territory."  Principal Northern Territory School

Face Art Book

"As an educational guide, I have been delighted with the results achieved from working with the book.  This is a practical guide on make-up made easy that no school or child organization should be without." Principal - Northern Territory Regional School

International Face Painting Workshops

"Chantal from the Land down under was worth the trip alone.  I just did 1 class with her.  Chantal is not a 'Fairy'.  She is an 'Angel'.  I think every family performer, not just face painter, should sit in on her class to refresh, inspire, and establish a correct foundation for which we all need to have.  Chantal reminded me that there are times and places where if we really are going to do the right thing by our lines of waiting kids, we need to make sure they ALL get painted, recognized and touched." Laughing Matters, Paul Chuckles US International face panting convention 2003

Suppressed Clown Syndrome Workshops
"Chantal's workshops are entertaining, informative and so much fun.  It's stress release and great therapy!' Participant." - Mother & Childcare Worker.

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