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TickleTouch has been an enduring journey to finish.  Being dyslexic and choosing a project with 153 characters, 30 sub-stories, and a three-tiered narration were just some of the challenges I created for myself.

As the story continued and my characters developed personalities that wanted to be heard, I grew increasingly frustrated with the English language and its bizarre rules.  This began a 25-year journey with my friend, speech pathologist and creative concepts editor, Alexandra Culley, to overcome my linguistic shortcomings.

I hopefully have written a book that will delight and surprise you with its layering of satirical fairy stories and also show you how delicious the English Language is, with alliterations and tongue twisters.                                                                     Chantal Munro

Climate emergency!  Broken-winged fairies?  In a generation when childhood is a diagnosed disease, the fate of the worlds and its disappearing children lies in the hands of a young boy.  A new nanny brings questions.  Are the people around him serving his best interests, and what are their motives?  Through a magical book he learns about the other worlds.  Along the way, solving some of childhood's greatest mysteries.  Like, where does The Tooth Fairy come from, and what does she do with all those teeth?  And where does the Easter Bunny get their chocolate eggs, and what exactly are bum nuts?


"Just over 103,000 words and the journey through the land of Tickletouch has finally ended.  Over the last 3 months, I have been appraising this incredible manuscript written by Chantal Munro.  'Tickletouch an Environmental Fairy Tale' is an intelligent, provocative, and whimsical narrative that tickled my imagination and, at times, left me laughing out loud.  Bowerbird Publishing is delighted to work through the next stages of publishing with Chantal; watch this space!"


Crystal Leonardi - Author, Publisher, Motivational Speaker  September 24th 2023

TickleTouch an Environmental FairyTale


Thank you, Crystal Leonardi, for holding my hand over the finish line and helping me see this story through to publication. Alexandra Culley, my speech pathologist, creative concepts editor and friend.  For the countless rereads, the incredible knowledge you have shared, and your enduring belief in the project.  I would never have been able to complete this project without you. Graeme Henry, for your support to both Alex and I, not to mention your grammatical prowess.  To my family, Gordon for his help with illustrations and Corin for my inspiration.  You are my oxygen.  I love you.  Thank you for your continued support, feedback and ideas, but primarily for your 'how to fix a fairy' skills.

To Juan, my hairy Argentinian Angel, for your graphics support and knowledge.  To my friend Angie Sublime who, 30 years ago when I asked if I could use her computer to write a book, comically thinking I could do it in one afternoon, introduced me to Alex and countless others who pushed me along and kept me going.

And to all the infinite friends who encouraged, read, edited, and gave their precious time to this project.  I am blessed by your existence in my life.

May the fairies be with you always love Chantal.

Reviews from focus group target read.

* The characters captivated me from the start.  Each time I had to put it down, I would be wondering what was going to happen next – I really wanted to know. Even though I think it’s directed at children (and my children LOVED it – they’re still talking about F.A.R.T.’s!), it definitely has appeal for adults as there was quite a lot of adult humour and “cynicisms” about society today.

* I loved the messages that the book had.  They were very simple and very well put across. It really made me think about what we do as humans as a whole, but also, what we can do as individuals to help each other and the environment. On a personal note, it gave me a “lightbulb” moment – hold no grudges. People make mistakes, but mistakes can be made right again.

* I’m so looking forward to reading the novel and finding out more about the characters and how they came to be.  I have a particular fondness for “King Grub” and “Zion the Lion”.

* This story will captivate children and educate the grown-ups! Magical, inspiring, funny, witty and educational! Loved it!

* Loved it! It was great humorous, positive and loved the characters!

* Can’t wait to see the mini-series, just wanted more!

* Clever, witty, socially relevant! Just brilliant!

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