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Chantal the Fairy’s face painter’s guide, Face Art, is the most comprehensive face painting guide in the world .  Described as the bible on face and body painting.  You will find designs for children of all ages, and gender and lots of fun ideas for painting grown-ups.
Face Art is for anyone at any skill level, with over 100 photos for quick and easy reference.  It covers; materials, techniques for 10-30 second designs, split cake, one stroke designs, folk art, ageing, abstract designs, body-painting, bling and body jewellery, brushwork, hints and inspiration all in one compact, 48-page book. 

“Chantal’s Face Art Book is a must-have for any painter who is working in the trenches, handling long line-ups and needing fast, full, fabulous faces. With only the most basic colours in her kit, several brushes and sponges, Chantal leaves her ‘fairy’ magic on every face.”

Face Art The ultimate Face Painter Guide

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