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Hello, my name is Chantal Munro.  After 30 years as a children's entertainer, storyteller, and author of Face Art, the Face Painter's Guide, I now call Far North Queensland home.  In the sanctuary of the rainforest, I have completed my first novel, TickleTouch an Environmental Fairy Tale. The genre is fantasy with magic realism and is aimed at young adults and adults young at heart.

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TickleTouch an Environmental FairyTale

Climate emergency!  Broken-winged fairies?  In a generation when childhood is a diagnosed disease, the fate of the worlds and its disappearing children lies in the hands of a young boy.  A new nanny brings questions.  Are the people around him serving his best interests, and what are their motives?  Through a magical book he learns about the other worlds, along the way, solving some of childhood's greatest mysteries. Like, where does The Tooth Fairy come from, and what does she do with all those teeth?  And where does the Easter Bunny get their chocolate eggs, and what exactly are bum nuts?

Review of TickleTouch

"This is an enchanting and engaging fairy tale, bursting with delightfully quirky characters. Whilst it may initially seem to be a children’s story filled with magic and wonder, it is underpinned by environmental, political and social commentary. Ms Munro cleverly weaves her narrative through current world issues, making this a story for all ages. Tickle Touch is an exciting first novel, which lends itself to the development of multiple inter-connected future fantastical fairy stories from this author. I am very much looking forward to her next book in the series."

Georgie Montague.

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